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Tuesday, 19 April 2011


                             The half an hour long film named ' an occurrence at owl creek bridge' depicts the intensive hope for life that flash through the mind of a human rather any creature just before death ,it reveals the black and white truth of life that every one will have a microscopic ray of hope even in the utterly desperate condition
we realize that the eternal beauty of nature and life reveal on its own before a man who haste towards life from death.          
                             The film starts by showing a man who was prepared by some soldiers to hang to death from where Robert Enrico takes us through a unique unexpected view of life where the dialogue ,the name ,the crime has no relevance .
The long shot of the bridge ,the close up of the convict , the view of the boots of the undertaker which balance the life of the convict beating of the boots of the soldiers on the rail road are some of the typical scene used to generate effect in the spectator.
This film rewrites all the norms of usual films..!